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Want to know more about the Wisconsin Financial Aid Study?  Here are some details.

The Need: Recent media attention about the experience of college students and the financial circumstances of the country highlight what we all know – students in Wisconsin and across the country are having a difficult time affording college. It’s hard for students to make ends meet. The pressure of paying for college puts thousands of Wisconsin students at risk of leaving college each year without the degrees they seek.

The Purpose: Many are concerned with the affordability of college but policymakers and other decision-makers need to know more about how financial aid makes a difference for students before committing taxpayer dollars. A better understanding of how much financial aid is needed and the ways aid should be allocated is vital to improving the financial aid system in Wisconsin. The main purpose of WiscAid is to improve financial aid policy in Wisconsin by providing policymakers, financial aid officers, and other decision makers with high quality information on the real impact of aid for financial aid recipients across the state.

The Participants: College students from across the state of Wisconsin, including undergraduate students enrolled at all 42 two and four-year colleges in both the University of Wisconsin (UW) and Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), are participating in WiscAid.

The Approach: The best way for us to learn about your experience is to ask you.  So we’ve mailed you a questionnaire that we’re asking you to complete and return to us. Your answers are completely confidential and we’re providing some compensation to thank you for your time.  For those who are willing, we’d also love meet with you one-on-one to have a more personal conversation with you about your college experiences.

The Outcome: If you’ve been selected to take part in WiscAid, congratulations! WiscAid is a rare opportunity to influence financial aid decisions that affect you and thousands of other students receiving aid. As a study participant, your careful and thoughtful input will help us accurately describe the experience of Wisconsin college students. This information will be useful to colleges and universities, financial aid providers, and Federal and local policymakers who need to know how to make college more affordable for local students. We believe that financial aid has an impact on college success and your input will help us demonstrate how.

Student Distribution Map:

Student Distribution Map