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Want to know more about financial aid in the United States?  Here are a few facts and figures.*

  1. About three quarters of all full-time undergraduates in the U.S. receive some form of financial aid.

  2. The total amount of financial aid available each year has steadily increased. Aid increased by 80% between 1997 and 2007.

  3. The greatest portion of financial aid comes in the form of federal government loans—about 40%.

  4. Colleges and universities provide the most grant money to students, almost half of all available grants.

  5. The number of federal Pell Grant recipients is growing, but the extent to which these grants cover tuition and fees is declining.

  6. Undergraduates are generally borrowing less money from the federal government and more money from private lenders and through state programs.

Undergraduate Student Aid 2010-2011

*The College Board. (2011). Trends in Student Aid, 2011. The College Board: New York, NY.